Tree Service

Tree Service

Tree Removal can be a dangerous job and should not be tackled by someone not familiar with tree removal.
Our Bergen County tree service crews specializes in tree removals from your residential or commercial property, and are experienced in all sizes of trees, along with providing all the services you expect from a professional tree service company: tree removal, tree pruning and thinning, cabling and bracing, bucket truck and crane service for large and hazardous tree removals, and stump removal. Give us a call to experience why our tree service is a cut above the rest.

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NJ Tree Removal

No two tree removals are the same so our tree professionals will inspect the job site for hazards, determine how much rigging equipment will be required and if crane assistance is needed.
We are so proud of our quality services, and low cost cutting service, that we honor coupons from other tree companies.
The tree's stability, age, and proximity to structures, and whether it's near any electrical lines, are all considerations that need to be taken into account when analyzing a tree removal and determining whether bucket service is required or not. A and H Tree Service will talk with you about the safest method for removing your tree and the kind of equipment that will be involved, and will provide you a free written estimate for the cost of the tree removal on your property.
If you have a large dead tree (bucket service is likely to be used in this cases) or large tree limbs that need to be removed, we specialize in those kind of removals. We have all of the necessary equipment to ensure that this type of removal is done safely - without property damage and without causing any unnecessary risk to our crew.
We own our own bucket trucks, so we can give you a more professional tree service at the same affordable prices - by not having to rent out bucket services to perform the job.

We will ensure that your property is left clean upon completion of the job.
For your convenience, budget and consideration, A and H Tree Service, through our tree service Bergen County office, will give you all the available options for your tree removal and the different pricing. Tree cutting service is our specialty, and we would be proud to have the opportunity to serve you.
  • Fully Insured Tree Removal Company
  • Trained Climbers with many years of experience in removing large trees, and experienced in working with crane operators for large tree removals
  • Our Company is known for using safe measures to protect your home and surroundings when removing a tree.
A and H tree service is a premier tree removal company, our tree service Bergen County NJ crews are ready and available to work in all phases of tree removal.
We cover north New Jersey area thru our tree service Bergen County NJ crew and cover all Bergen County towns in three different areas: tree service in Tenafly NJ, tree service in Northvale NJ, and tree service in Teaneck NJ. We specialize in tree removal, bucket service, crane service, stump removal, tree pruning and land clearing.
Our crew works together on a daily basis, and know what needs to be done and how to accomplish it in a safe and reliable manner.
Our tree service crews and the affordable rates we offer in Bergen County are unmatched. Aside from tree removal, we specialize in all aspects of tree service, including trimming, pruning, and stump grinding.
Your satisfaction is our priority. Please choose us as your next tree professionals so you can experience the level of service our North New Jersey tree service can give, and you can only find at A and H Tree Service. We are simply a cut above the rest.
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