Stump Removal

Stump Removal

If you decide to have a stump removed, allowing us to grind it for you is a good way to save yourself some money and potentially painful labor.

It’s also a sure means of securing an aesthetically pleasing finished product. Once we’ve completed the job, the newly cleared area will be nearly prepped for gardening, sodding, and tree planting.
Our Stump removal crew we can do a removal faster than any crew can dig, pull, or winch out a stump. Additionally, because of the simplicity of the tools being used and the reduced amount of time we spend compared to alternative methods, we tend to be much less invasive to the ground surrounding the stump.

We will leave your property renovation-ready and stump-free.

Specifications and Costs

Our stump grinder has a maximum grinding depth of 25 inches. For tree plantings this is good news. The depth and width requirements based on a 2 inch caliper deciduous tree is approximately 25 inches deep and 30 inches wide andThe hole for replanting will already be soft and loamy. All you have to do is clear out the wood shavings.
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